Monday, April 18, 2011

Watch that @Autowired

Those who follow me on Twitter, will see that I just submitted a patch for SPR-6870. Great patch if you're running something like a web-based application with lots of non-singleton scoped components. You might save a server or more by applying that patch and the spring context starts quite a bit faster too.

So while you're waiting 20 minutes for spring to compile, just look out for one more thing:

Don't autowire into arrays/collections unless the containing component is a singleton. Spring does not do a very good job of caching that stuff (it sucks, actually).

So if your non-singleton scoped classes (or junit tests - like we had ;) contain something like

private MyFud[] myFuds;

Just make a separate singleton object that encapsulates the array/list and wire that into your controller class / junit test instead. Bang you're safe.

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